What Chapter Does Eliezer Mention Middle Ages?

What happens in chapter 4 of the book Night?

The young assistant of a Kapo is arrested along with the Kapo and two other prisoners after a power station in Buna blows up. The Kapo is tortured and sent to Auschwitz. The assistant, still only a boy, is tortured and then brought with the other two men to the gallows before the assembled camp.

How old was Eliezer in Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 of Night The survivors watch their fellow prisoners lose their lives day-by-day throughout this horrific journey. Fifteen-year-old Elie finds himself among the living and dead in a cattle car traveling to this new camp.

What page is Chapter 3 of Night?

He sympathizes with Job when he says, “I did not deny God’s existence, but I doubted His absolute justice.” Chapter 3, pg. 42 During these conversations, Elie occasionally wonders about his mother and sisters. Elie’s father reassures him by saying that they are probably doing well. Elie finds this difficult to believe.

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What happens in chapter 5 of the book Night?

Chapter 5 of Elie Wiesel’s novel Night, opens with Elie reflecting on how he is disillusioned about God allowing such cruelty to be brought upon the Jewish people. He and his father decide to not celebrate Rosh Hashanah, known as the Jewish New Year, and refuse to fast for Yom Kippur.

Where is Elie in the beginning of Chapter 4?

Eliezer remains in a camp located in Buna with his father on the musicians’ block run by a sweet Jewish man. The two work in a warehouse under the power of Idek, an irrational and unpredictable foreman, where Elie is responsible for counting electrical parts.

What is the major theme in Chapter 4 of night?

Faith 4: On the Jewish New Year, Elie feels a strong rebellion against God. He becomes the accuser and God the accused. But in his rebellion against his faith in God, he also feels alone and empty. The Jews debate whether they should fast for Yom Kippur.

What were Elie’s father’s last words?

At dawn on January 29, Elie wakes and discovers that another invalid occupies his father’s bunk. He assumes that his father has been taken to the crematory and recalls that his father’s final word was ” Eliezer.” Too weary for tears, Elie realizes that death has liberated him from a doomed, irretrievable burden.

What is the theme of Chapter 7 of Night by Elie Wiesel?

When light comes, Eliezer is unable to tell who is alive and who is dead in the car, including his father. Eliezer feels there is no reason to live. Night, again, serves as a literal and symbolic time of despair. The car stops in a field and SS soldiers shout at the people in the cars to throw out their dead.

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What happened in Chapter 7 of the night?

During the night, somebody tries to strangle Eliezer. The man in charge of the wagon (who also happens to be a friend of Eliezer’s dad), Meir Katz, manages to save him. On the last day of the journey, an icy wind blows through them. Eliezer and his father are among that dozen.

Where is Elie at the end of Chapter 3?

Eliezer and his father are moved to a new barracks where they are at least allowed to sit, but Eliezer has to watch his father be beaten, and is horrified that he’s watching this without rebelling. They continue marching, for half an hour, to another camp (they’ve left Birkenau).

What was Chapter 3 of Night about?

When chapter 3 of Night by Elie Weisel opens, Eliezer and his family have been forced from their homes in Sighet, Transylvania, and deported in cattle cars to Birkenau, a selection checkpoint for all Auschwitz newcomers. Here, he and his father are separated from his mother and sister.

What is the theme of Chapter 3 of Night?

Eliezer feels a first sense of rebellion against his religion and his God. The misfortune of his family losing its home and possessions didn’t shake Eliezer’s beliefs. But the vision of children and babies thrown into the flames eats away at his sense of God and the universe.

What stares back at Elie at the end of the novel?

What stares back at Elie at the end of the novel? Elie’s reflection on a mirror stares back at him, he describes the image as a living corpse.

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What happened to Elie’s father Chapter 5?

Eliezer has been separated from his father to work in the building unit. He worries that his father will not pass the selection, and after several days it turns out that Eliezer’s father is indeed one of those deemed too weak to work: he will be executed.

How did Elie’s father die?

His father died of starvation and dysentery in the Buchenwald camp. Two other sisters survived. After the war, Mr Wiesel lived in a French orphanage and went on to become a journalist. He wrote more than 60 books, starting with Night, a memoir based on his experiences in the death camps.

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